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Carpet Cleaning Services in Cranston

If your Cranston home or business has carpeting anywhere on the premises, you have no doubt noticed that it takes a beating over time. Even if you manage to avoid big spills and stains, foot traffic is enough to make your carpeting lose all of its esthetic appeal. Hardwood or tile might be easier to clean on a day to day basis, but can you really give up on the comfort and warmth that carpeting adds to your commercial or residential space? Finding the time to give your carpet the cleaning it needs isn’t easy. Unless you have the correct equipment to conduct a professional carpet cleaning, you could be looking at hours of work to remove dirt and odors.

Rather than spend the little, valuable free time you have trying to clean your carpet, get in touch with All-Pro Steam Cleaning today. No matter where you are in the Cranston area or what type of building requires our services, our team of carpet cleaning experts can make your flooring look as good as new in no time and at an affordable price.

If you think this is too good to be true, call (401) 359-0245 and see for yourself that All-Pro Steam Cleaning’s carpet cleaning services are the real deal.

Why Steam Cleaning is Better for Your Carpet

As our name suggests, All-Pro Steam Cleaning specializes in the professional steam cleaning of carpets (among other things). The reason we have chosen to work specifically in steam cleaning is because there are plenty of benefits Cranston home and business owners can reap with this method of carpet cleaning.

Steam-based carpet cleaning has quickly risen as the leading alternative to the traditional shampoo method because there are no harmful pollutants involved. Carpet cleaning shampoos often contain a variety of harsh chemicals in order to break down the stain or debris that has collected on the carpet’s fibers, which then linger in the air and diminish the indoor air quality of your Cranston home or business.

Using steam cleaners for a carpet cleaning job doesn’t release any harmful toxins into the air. Instead, the heat applied breaks up bacteria, germs, allergens, mites and other toxins that may be living among the dirt on your carpet’s fibers. It is also much faster than the shampoo method because water-based shampoo requires a long time to dry.

Overall, steam cleaning a carpet is a less invasive, more efficient and more effective way of caring for your home or business’s carpeting. It is especially good for anyone in the Cranston area that has allergies or respiratory issues.

If you want a healthier environment, get in touch with us today and we will devise a plan of action to remove any irritants living in your carpeting with our professional grade steam cleaners.

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When your carpeting is stained and dirty, it can really detract from the esthetics and general comfort of your Cranston home or business. If you want to get it cleaned by a team of professionals who won’t subject your home or business to harsh chemicals but still be just as effective, then call (401) 359-0245 to get your free quote today.